What is Transformational / OPEX?

“It marks a big step in your development when you come to realize that other people can help you do a better job than you could do alone.” Andrew Carnegie

Transformative work Is the act of creating a macro change which is intended to deliver “double-digit” returns across multiple business metrics simultaneously. This activity is typically engaged to rapidly achieve a competitive advantage in a changing global marketplace, or where immediate and substantial action is required to ensure business success and longevity.

By coupling transformation activity along with operational excellence as a secondary action, a systematic approach is taken to initially stabilize and then optimize a particular operation or business. The result can be dramatic improvements which help leapfrog competition, save a floundering business, and return optimal success and prosperity. Triggers for these activities come in many forms but often align along the following business “fault-lines”:

  • Technology change
  • Sector over/under capacity
  • Labor costs and productivity
  • Global competition
  • Supply base complexity & challenges
  • Economic realignment
  • Demand shifts
  • Market realignment
  • Process or people capability
  • M&A or sale activity
  • Disruptive competitors or products

Although not a comprehensive list, these factors often create a business burning platform situation for a client team. The solutions that are required for a transformative action require analysis, followed by actions intended to fully countermeasure the challenges, usually in a compressed timeline. Making your worst problem into an opportunity is a critical way of thinking. Solutions are developed in a time sensitive fashion working with the business client to stabilize and then accelerate the transformation process.

  • Reducing time to market and improving on-time delivery
  • Accelerating product innovation
  • Reducing product development costs/timing
  • Increasing revenue for goods and services
  • Benchmarking competitive field
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Improving product quality & unlocking hidden capacity
  • Reducing design and manufacturing costs
  • Improving customer/supplier collaboration
  • Productivity optimization

With a team that has numerous business transformations in their portfolio, we stand prepared to help our clients seek responsible and actionable transformation plans with long-lasting results.

“David possesses strengths with both the salary and hourly workforce. He is able to get both sides to recognize and accept that change is needed. He also demonstrates that working together is the best way to get results. David is able to clearly develop and execute a plan with full cooperation that enables the business to succeed,” Mr. Fred Kleinert, UAW699 (retired)


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