in·dus·tri·al·ist /inˈdəstrēələst/


1. a person involved in the ownership and management of industry.
synonyms: manufacturer, factory owner, captain of industry;


About Us

At DLW Partners, we believe in old-fashioned values like hard work and courage. Our experienced team shows you how to transform your business and your team to reach new heights of success. We work hand-in-hand with your team to improve the way you do your work. You focus on your core business while we guide you to discover new ways of working.

We work globally, concentrating our efforts on North American- and European-based clients.

Our core services include:

Lean Consulting

At its core, the definition of lean is producing the highest quality product in the shortest possible time at the lowest possible cost. Our lean coaches help your team identify waste, see opportunities, and quickly improve.


If your business is struggling, we can help. Our Transformational/OPEX services bring about dramatic improvements for companies. We save floundering businesses and help successful businesses soar higher than their competitors.

Executive Coaching

Our coach helps your business executives set clear targets and develop plans to meet immediate needs. But we don’t stop there. By the time we’re done, your executives will have re-energized their leadership skills.

Interim Executive Placement

When a key position is vacant, it’s an emergency. DLW Partners provides an Interim Executive while helping you search for a permanent replacement. We also are veteran Board Members who bring unique perspectives to your business.

Product Design, Testing and Field Evaluation

We jumpstart profits by helping design and field test your products. Our goal is to increase your performance while developing designs that are readily manufacturable, reliable, and exceed industry benchmarks.

At DLW Partners, we’ve studied generations of successful people and businesses. We show you what they did right and help you integrate best practices into your business.

The Engagement Process


One thing we do that is truly unique and unprecedented in our industry is to make it easy for a new client to work with us. We like to call it our “no-risk” engagement guarantee. Our first consult via phone and often to the client site is usually done for little to no cost. If we find a good chemistry with your team and vision with the project, people and problem, we move forward with the client. If not, we won’t.

Each client project is developed together on an individual basis, since we both own the company and engage with our clients on a day to day basis, you get a personalized plan that is designed to deliver the results your team needs.

Needs Analysis and Discovery

Starting with your business objectives, needs, and current state situation, we assess the best means to support your business, providing a cost-effective and results-oriented plan.

Collaborative Solution and Project Planning

A customized plan, with timing and objectives aligned to your business needs is developed collaboratively with the client team. Any immediate knowledge gaps are addressed through short term activity and training ensuring full and objective alignment of the internal and external teams.

Resource Plan

Whether the project demands a single support person or a multi-talented team, we align expertise and capability to your needs.

Execution and Results Management

You don’t play for keeps and not keep score! We actively work with the client team throughout the course of the project to ensure continued alignment to core goals, results that are clear and impactful to the bottom line, and when needed as business needs change, robust countermeasures, all to ensure client success.

Let’s talk! Give us a call or send us an inquiry, one of our senior team will reach out to you.
The early industrialists found success through five key elements:

Courage • Innovation • Manufacturing • Experience • Transformation
We believe you can harness these elements today and achieve new heights of success.