Lori Westphal

Lori Westphal co-founded DLW Partners, LLC in 2009 with her husband, David. She is a natural-born problem solver and lean thinker, able to work efficiently in and out of the office. As a first-generation college student and one of two college graduates among her siblings, Lori values persistence, hard work, and optimism. Lori’s corporate experience spans from the boardroom to the back office and she serves the vital role of keeping all things administrative running smoothly for the DLW Partners team and their clients. “Honesty and integrity are paramount. We value those attributes in our team and clients above all others.” With more than a decade of experience in a Fortune 50 organization, as well as numerous other volunteer and civic groups, Lori is well equipped to handle client engagements and needs.

Being a Mom is by far my most rewarding experience. My first paid job was scooping ice cream in a small family-owned farm market business. I probably learned more about “Just in time” manufacturing there than I knew at the time. Waffle cones had to be freshly made and toppings were kept just right. I admired the passion of the people I worked for to do things right for the customer every time.

For a period of time, I worked at Dow Chemical’s “Hangar-5” where I was part of a team that oversaw scheduling of corporate jet flights for the executive group. In that year we also hosted a U.S. Presidential candidate for a local speaking engagement, which was a great learning experience.

  • R&D Administrative Assistant
  • Marketing Administration Assistant
  • Executive Administrative Assistant
  • Marketing Education Training Coordinator

I am a detail-oriented person, so I enjoy the challenge of ensuring accuracy in all the financials, working with clients and their contracts, and keeping everything running smoothly.

America was the place to be during the industrial revolution. We have lost the art of making things and doing it well. We are passionate about helping companies become better stewards of the work that they do, the families they provide for, and the communities they support.

Free time seems to be on the back burner for many. Personally, I enjoy learning—my favorite subject is psychology, with some sociology. I love talking with people and advocating for the uniqueness of every person, work/life balance, mental health, and healthy ways to live life. Keeping in touch with family and friends across the miles is a priority for me. Still, reading this bio? Connect with someone close to you—reach out to someone.

My bucket list is quite varied. It includes owning an old home with creaking floors, a grand staircase, and original fireplace mantels; traveling to Europe (perhaps living in Europe for a time should the opportunity arise); riding in a horse-drawn sleigh through drifted snow; and enjoying dinner in a candle-lit room. I actually got to do the last one at a Mozart dinner concert in Salzburg, Austria!