Ron Taylor

Ron Taylor wants to make a positive difference in North America manufacturing and is disheartened by the trend of manufacturing offshoring. He is an executive with +30 years experience inspiring clarity of an organization’s customer value-driven purpose and hot spots; transformative change and innovation; a culture of continuous improvement; and breakthrough results. He has worked as an Interim Executive and Business Transformation, Operational Excellence and Leadership Development Consultant for numerous worldwide companies from 500 to +10,000 employees in manufacturing, distribution, service industries, and healthcare.
Ron has spent the past 18 years learning and applying a “hands-on” “learn-by-doing” approach from CEO to frontline transformations to highly customized versions of the Toyota Production System. Transformations conducted with the purpose of harnessing benefits from freeing up hidden capacity, changing cost structure and enhancing customer value. Ron is especially strong at flow and system kaizen and at the cultural side of OpEx/Lean transformation.

The first 14 years of Ron’s career entailed steady progress through hourly, trades, maintenance supervisor, engineering manager, production manager, launch leader, and facility manager. In 12 of those 14 years, he implemented lean manufacturing transformation at Johnson Controls plants that received both recognition as a high performing Toyota Supplier, Chairman’s Award and the Shingo Award.

With 30 years experience, I have honed a deep expertise in guiding leadership with hands-on, learn-by-doing teach/coach/mentor approach from CEO/VP’s to frontline by quickly developing trusting relationships, gaining a deep understanding of the business needs and a strong ability to instil confidence with humility in leadership to take the needed risk to implement positive change to Leadership Mindsets/Behaviors/Capabilities, Strategy Deployment and Management System and the Operating System by building capability not dependency.

I grew up on a large farm until I went away to school. I learned to be a self-starter, how to engage others to get work done, empty wallet solutions, have money at the end of the year, the satisfaction of hard work, and to enjoy family, friends and the outdoors. I worked in a factory as a frontline worker for 3 years after college, then as an Electrician Tradesman/Controls Engineer. I appreciate being and supporting a value-add employee.

I live in Toronto and on an Ontario farm, so I get to experience the theatre, galleries, museums, food and nature, silence, starlight nights, and simplicity. The most amazing part of living around the Great Lakes is the sailing, cycling, hiking, paddle boarding and just being in the outdoors. I enjoy activities, laughing and conversations with friends and family. I also love renovating property. I’ve renovated 15 pieces of property thus far and still have a working farm. You can’t get the farm boy out of me.

I love my 3 nieces. They keep me young, curious, light, and empathetic. I love the freedom of sailing a boat on the open water, and harnessing the wind gives me freedom. And I love traveling the world and seeing the amazing cultures and flora and fauna this great world has to offer. I love building the capabilities of leaders so they can grow their subordinates to have the right mental model behaviors and get results for customers, employees, and businesses. I love to learn through the eyes and life journeys of others.

I promise to give every client our very best, to partner with them and help them succeed. It is their success that ensures ours.

With the hundreds of years of combined experience in our team and extended team, the fact that we learned lean, operational excellence and execution from the very best of the best, we are a firm that does work with the client, not to the client, while building capability not dependency!

  • Operations: Managed and directed over 240 associates, team leaders, group leaders and managers to drive Value to Customer and Total Cost in Broadcast Manufacturing and Product Development plus developing and managing continuous improvement for organizations leanest facility. Delivered $500M yearly revenue with 14% EBITDA, 3 ½ hour Order to Install, RAWWIP-FG at 2 days, Quality at 9 PPM, 100% on-time, highest safety record in plant history, and highest employee moral improvement. This resulted in a nomination for Chairman’s Award, receiving high recognition with Pentastar, Pinnacle and a Shingo Award.
  • Operations: Exhibited key leadership strengths throughout a mentored career which led to the successful execution of 3 facility launches, 1 turnaround and 8 product launches and production stabilization. Gained proficiency from some the best sensei’s from industry, Toyota and academia, and partnering with top Lean/OpEx networks.
  • Operations: Humble and grateful to have been in the forefront of over 10 successful transformations as acting Executive and Plant Manager, and as an external sensei shadowing and coaching first Presidents/CEO’s, VP’s then Directors and Managers to create an aligned and learning organization using the same language/methodology and delivering measurable results on the Strategic Initiatives.
  • Leadership Development: Regular guided sessions for senior leaders to frontline to develop a visceral understanding of the Role of a Leader modeling the Mental Model behaviors with Emotional Intelligence, leaders out front, learning/believing through doing (go see/gemba, problem solving, experiments/trying, relaxing/engaging style, Socratic questioning, model area streams, roll-out and self study), leaders working, coaching, problem solving at the right level and right split of time for Improve-the-Business/ Run-the-Business /Capability Building. All levels practicing the scientific method with a simple problem solving drill for moment-to-moment, Point, Flow, System and Strategy Deployment kaizen.
  • Strategy Deployment and Management System: Guided leaders to define and deploy True North to Level 4, 3, 2 and 1; their strategic and philosophical objectives to create and flow value to the customer. Also help to build their Level 1, 2, 3 and 4 Check & Adjust processes. Finally, help them improve their management system so that learning is shared and absorbed. One example: all 3000 employees know why they exist, how they are doing and how they fit in the overall purpose and how it is doing.
  • Operational Excellence: Specific problems and transformational work focused on gaps in: System (Strategy Deployment, Management System, Organizational Structure, seasonal/monthly & daily level scheduling, material/information pathways/flow/layout, cellular/flexible lines, internal logistics, planning, supply chain and distribution, make vs buy, value creation/product design/engineering), Process (takt/indexing, line balance/design, business/transactional work, standardized work, water spiders, machines, changeover, separate people from machines, error proofing, motion/safety, uptime, Total Productive Maintenance), People (Mental Models and behaviors, Hoshin, calendaring, info/help chain, working at right level and function, KATA/Kaizen/problem solving, leader standardized work and checking, 1:1 Coaching) for the purpose of freeing up hidden capacity, changing revenue/cost structure and enhancing customer value.